Meeting Locations

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The following rooms are available at request in the Technology Square Research Building.

Rooms with asterisks (*) have telephone lines and support teleconferencing.

Please review the Conference Policies and Event Spaces prior to Requesting a Reservation.

Auditorium and Prefunction Area

Capacity: 93
Built-in Equipment: Podium, 2 LCD Projectors, Whiteboard, VHS/DVD player (shared with Banquet Hall)

Banquet Hall

Component Rooms: 132* and 133
Capacity: 40 ea. (80 total)
Built-in Equipment: 1 LCD Projector per room, VHS/DVD player (shared with Auditorium)

The banquet hall rooms can be combined or used seperately by installing partitioning walls. When combined, your presentation can be projected to any or all of the screens. Alternatively the banquet hall can be used as overflow for the Auditorium.

Room 125

Component Rooms: 125
Capacity: 25
Built-in Equipment: 1 LCD Projector

Room 131

Component Rooms: 131
Capacity: 10
Built-in Equipment: 1 Portable Projector