Economic Development

The Technology Square Research Building is affiliated with several branches of Georgia Tech’s economic development program supporting start-up technology companies, research commercialization and technology transfer, technical and managerial assistance to Georgia business and industry, support for Georgia communities and economic developers, and a broad range of external partnerships that bring Georgia Tech’s expertise to bear on issues ranging from national technology policy to local environmental planning.

Enterprise Innovation Institute
The Enterprise Innovation Institute helps companies, entrepreneurs, economic developers and communities improve their competitiveness through the applications of science, technology and innovation.

Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)
The Advanced Technology Development Center supports the formation and growth of technology-based start-up companies.

Venture Lab
We are VentureLab. We are passionate about entrepreneurship. We believe in the power of innovation, iteration, and evidence-based entrepreneurship. We value business models, not business plans. We educate, curate, and create, daily. We never take equity or ask for royalties. We serve the students, faculty, and staff of Georgia Tech.